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Prysmian Electronics, a company of the Prysmian Group, in partnership with Prolectro Nigeria, is bringing innovation to the energy & oil industries since 2012. We add integrated electronics on electrical assets in order to get deep information on asset condition. Our mission is to bring new technologies for asset condition assessment and monitoring, allowing a wide and significant improvement on asset management strategy. We apply our skills on applied electronics, high performance embedded systems, communications and ICT to improve electrical asset management.

Our technologies are helping our Customers empower their business in terms of:


Pry-Cam Portable

Pry-Cam Portable is a breakthrough technology for Partial Discharge testing. It’s an integrated unit including the Prysmian wireless electromagnetic sensor for PD signal detection, the AC phase synchronization, digital acquisition part as well as Wi-Fi interface.

It enables detecting, acquiring and processing the PD phenomenon of any HV or MV electrical component automatically without any galvanic connection with the equipment under test.

Thanks to its galvanic isolation, operators can safely perform PD measurements without service interruption.

In addition, it brings the highest sensitivity on small PDs (down to 1pC), the highest accuracy (100 MHz bandwidth), the strongest noise rejection and a significant time saving (up to 70%).


Pry-Cam Portable device

Pry-Cam Portable it typically used for:

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