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Prysmian Cables

Prolectro sell Prysmian Cables in Nigeria.

Prysmian cables have proven superiority over other international brands and are BASEC approved and conform to IEC, BS and NEC standards. In Prysmian cables and systems, we provide our customers a one-stop shop for all kinds of electrical, instrumentation, communication/fiber optic, marine/subsea and special cables, made to customer’s specific requirements for virtually every application.


Low Voltage, Medium Voltage and High Voltage Cables.

Plant and Petrochemical cables

Offshore Cables


Prysmian offers a wide range of marine cables specifically designed for on-board installations, and work in damp or wet conditions, inside machinery compartments and where harmful vapours may be present.

Umbilicals/Subsea Cables

In response to the need of Floating Production System technology, Prysmian has developed electro-optical submarine cables and umbilicals. Prysmian has been producing umbilicals since the early ‘80s.

Today, Prolectro Limited, in partnership with Prysmian can meet your full requirements for the supply of submarine cables, umbilicals, flexible pipes and accessories for offshore installations.

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