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According to Emerson, what lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are nothing compared to what lies within us.

Nigerchin Wires and Cable

Low voltage (300/500V – 1900/3300V) power and control cables, PVC/XLPE insulated, armored/unarmored, LSZH, flame retardant, fire resistant, Hydrocarbon resistant and PVC over sheath.

Prysmian Cable

LV, MV, HV and Extra High voltage power, control,  instrumentation, telecommunication / fibre optic and submarine cables.

Pry-cam Portable

We provide accurate information on the condition of MV/HV (>3Kv) electrical cables, joints, terminations, transformers, switchgear, and electrical machines by deploying the state-of-the-art Pry-Cam to observe trends of Partial Discharge (PD) and other relevant parameters such as Insulation Resistance, Polarization Index, Dielectric Absorption Ratio, and Tan Delta measurements.